Affiliated member of the RSGB

Repeater – GB3XP


Repeater is on the air.

  • TX Frequency : 145.6875 MHz
  • RX Frequency : 145.0875 MHz
  • CTCSS : 82.5 Hz
    • 20/01/17 – The repeater hardware was replaced with a Yaesu DR-1X system fusion model in late 2016. This is in mixed mode and supports both FM analogue and C4FM digital modes. We are currently in the process of connecting it to the Internet to allow linking to the fusion network.
    • 30/07/16 – The repeater is back on the air.
    • 29/07/16 – The repeater is off the air with a power supply problem.
    • 18/11/15 – Alex has created an unofficial site for the repeater, which you can find here
    • 30/10/15 – The antenna for GB3XP has today been moved by a few meters to a more open location and we expect to see signal strength improvements in most directions. The one remaining obstruction is a water tower causing weak signal towards New Malden & Kingston.
    • 20/08/15 – We continue to have intermittent problems with ctcss, resulting in the repeater not responding from time to time. The repeater group are investigating.
    • 21/07/15 – The repeater is back on the air after some reconfiguration.
    • 09/07/15 – We now have a repeater status telephone line.
    • 28/06/15 – The repeater has been installed at the site for some initial testing. Coverage was found to be excellent, however there is a fault with the CTCSS configuration, so the repeater is currently offline while this is investigated.
    • 13/04/15 – Alex Ferriroli, M0IDM, is working on using an Arduino as a repeater controller. You can see his progress here.
    • 11/04/15 – Steve Butler, M6JFN, has kindly donated a Cushcraft ARX-2 antenna.
      Neil, M0ZEY, has almost finished constructing the battery backup and remote shutdown circuitry.
      Denis Stanton, G0OLX, has offered to configure the cavity filters, which are kindly being loaned to us by Rob Martin.
    • 23/03/15 – We have received the repeater hardware, a Nokia BSR-150. Many thanks to Dave, G7UZN, for helping to source and configure this for us.Deviation : Narrow
      More details can be found here.

      We would like to remind all our users that GB3XP is a 12.5Khz bandwidth repeater. Many users are regularly accessing XP with deviation that is far too wide. Not only does this produce very distorted audio through XP but could potentially cause interference on the input frequencies of our neighbours GB3KN, GB3VA, GB3RD & GB3ES.

      For the best user experience (and probably more replies to your calls!) please set your deviation to ‘Narrow’ (2.5khz) when using GB3XP.