DX Trophy Competition 2023 – Rules

1). The competition will run for 12 months (1st. January – 31st December 2023)
2). The winner will be the Sutton Cheam Member to work the most DXCC countries within the period of the competition. Each country scores 1 point.
3). All contacts must be made using the entrant’s own callsign.
4). Contacts may be made on any band and in any mode but must be ‘Real Time’, ie; No Mailboxes.
5). Contacts made via repeaters and satellites are permitted provided that ‘internet linking’ does not form any part of the contact.
6). Contacts made during contests are permitted provided that the station is operated solely by the licensee.
7). Entries will only be accepted on the official entry form (computer generated logs of the same format are permitted) and must be with the Secretary by 31st January 2024.
8). Proof of contact may be required.
9). If they wish, entrants may periodically forward their country totals to: DXTrophy@scrs.org.ukThis information can then be displayed on our website. It is suggested that details could be forwarded every month or two, but definitely not daily.

– The winner will receive the G2DMR Trophy.

– The runner up will receive the Tillin Salver.

– The third placed station will receive the Golden Globe .

Trophies will be presented to the winners at the Annual General Meeting.

A log sheet that may be used, can be found – here